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The following sample pages come from the Puertas abiertas: Open Door to Spanish Student Workbook.  Directions from the Facilitator's Guide precede each sample page.  (Although the Facilitator's Guide also includes the script, translation, and key for each activity, only the directions are provided here.  Note that the audio program is available on CDs or audio cassettes.)


Unit 1, Lesson 1, Activity 1:  In this activity, the animal sounds of only four of the six animals will be given. The student should point to the picture of the animal that makes each sound.  Audio Script: Señala el animal que dice… (Point to the animal that says….(animal sound)).        


Unit 1, Lesson 5, Activity 6 The student should point to the appropriate animal as indicated on the CD.  When the Profesora asks, “¿Dónde está…?” the student should also answer,  “Aquí” (“Here”) as he/she points to the animal.


Unit 1, Lesson 7, Activity 3 In this activity, the student will tell which letter is with the animals described on the CD.



Unit 3, Lesson 2, Activity 7 The student will need crayons for this activity.  First, he/she will color in each piece of the drawing according to the directions on the CD.  On the CD, the Profesora will tell the student what color to use to color in all the spaces with a certain number.  



Unit 3, Lesson 3, Activity 6 The student will connect the dots, according to the directions given on the CD, finally forming a picture.  After the dots have been connected, the Profesora will ask (on the CD), “¿Qué es esto?”  (“What is this?”) 



Unit 4, Lesson 1, Activity 2 The student should answer each question asked with the appropriate number.  For example, "¿Cuántas narices hay en esta cara?"  (How many noses are there on this face?)  


Unit 4, Lesson 2, Activity 6 To prepare for this activity, the facilitator should cut out the eight different parts of the head.  The student will touch the different parts of his/her own head with the pictures.  For example, "Toca tus ojos con la boca."  (Touch your eyes with the mouth.) 


Unit 5, Lesson 1, Activity 8 (Optional for students old enough to read):  The student should draw a line connecting each picture to the corresponding Spanish words.