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Spanish for Kids Made Fun and Easy

Welcome to the world of Puertas abiertas: Open Doors to Spanish, where learning Spanish is fun!  At Heflin and Thrall Language Publications, our goal is not only for kids to learn Spanish, but to enjoy their language learning experience.

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Although specifically designed for younger children, the Puertas abiertas program was created so that children of all ages can learn Spanish through a more natural approach to language instruction. The ideal course for the family looking for a homeschool Spanish curriculum, or for schools needing a beginning Spanish program, Puertas abiertas offers the parent/teacher an exciting alternative to traditional foreign language programs. 

In creating our curriculum, we recognized that children learn their second language in much the same way that they learned their first language.  So we began to develop a program that would allow learners to be immersed in the Spanish language.  The result is the Puertas abiertas Spanish curriculum for kids, through which children learn Spanish by watching exciting video lessons and completing workbook activities according to instructions on audio CDs—all in Spanish.

Our innovative beginners' Spanish program aims to develop listening and speaking skills for preschool, kindergarten, and elementary age children; but older learners—including adults—can benefit from our unique approach to language instruction.

Those looking for a Spanish curriculum for preschoolers will be amazed at how quickly young children can learn Spanish when provided a non-threatening environment where kids can enjoy learning Spanish.  Teachers in search of a Spanish curriculum for kindergarten will find the DVD based Puertas abiertas curriculum ideal because the program is fun and exciting.  Schools looking for a strong beginner Spanish curriculum for elementary school classes will discover that children learning Spanish for the first time will benefit more from the natural approach used in Puertas abiertas than from more traditional approaches.  Our program is great even for very young children because reading and writing are not required when learning Spanish through our immersion method.

Families in search of a Spanish curriculum for homeschoolers will find that all their children can enjoy the natural approach to learning Spanish employed by the Puertas abiertas program.  Everyone benefits when the focus on language instruction is on learning Spanish through immersion. 

Not only is Puertas abiertas designed to work well in elementary school settings, homeschool environments, and co-ops, it is also the ideal Spanish program for families who want to learn Spanish together.  Our curriculum makes it easy to begin learning Spanish at your own pace in the comfort of your home. 

Join Pepe Tropical in the exciting world of Puertas abiertas.

Learning Spanish has never been so fun!